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Beat Anxiety with Positive Thinking Techniques


Positive thinking is something that is very important to anybody who is suffering from anxiety, stress or depression.  I know that it is very hard to think positively when you are in the depths of hell but you have to try and force yourself.  At the end of the day what you are thinking is how you will feel.  If you are thinking negative thoughts 24/7 then you will feel awful, if you are thinking positively 24/7 then you will feel great.  This however is easier said than done because when you are suffering I know that it is very hard to stop the bad, weird thoughts coming in to your mind.  The Great Mind Formula will give you coping strategies and ways in which you can stop the barrage of negativity but until you have read this I want to let you in on a few tips that you can put in to place right now.

Go out and buy some cd’s, there are all manner of motivational cd’s you can purchase.  A particular favourite of mine is from a chap called Anthony Robbins.  Anthony is a master in positive mental attitude.  If you can afford to then purchase some of his material.  Start listening to it as much as you can.  At first you will find it hard to take in as when your mind is all over the place and the last thing you want to do is listen to somebody telling you how great you are and how great you can be etc.  Trust me, keep listening to it over and over again and one day you will wake up and start thinking more positively.  Your mind needs re-training and the balance re-adjusting.  By listening to motivational speakers your subconscious will start taking things in even if you think that you are not.  This is fact, it can really help.

I always used to find that I was less anxious as soon as I woke up.  I believe that this is because my mind took a little bit of time to get into its anxious gear.  Make the most of any time when you feel less anxious.  Think as positively as you can.  Try and spend 10 minutes trying to meditate, sit in front of a blank wall and keep saying the words Great Mind over and over again.  The more you do this the better you will get at it.  When you say ‘Great’ breath in and when you say ‘Mind’ breath out.  If you can keep your mind blank for 10 seconds then with training and perseverance you can keep it blank for 10 minutes.  Be positive, believe you have a Great Mind.  I know it feels like the last thing you have right now but trust in me and trust in yourself that one day soon you will be great again.  Your mind is only temporarily out of order.  When you get things back on track you will have a more powerful mind than you had before.  You do not realise this right now but going through what you are now experiencing will leave you with several benefits once you have everything under control again.

Positive thinking is important.  try and be as positive as you can be.  I know it is hard but you can do it, do not give in you will be ok soon.


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